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Water Baptism


Baptism is a journey, and we're excited to walk with you through it. We offer baptisms periodically throughout the year. You will be provided with a list of upcoming dates when we schedule your interview, or you can browse the calendar using the button below. Please note that your application and testimony forms must be received one month before the next baptism in order to participate.








Fill out an online application and testimony using the buttons below. Once they're received, you'll be contacted to schedule an interview with a pastor. They'll discuss your story and the testimony process, and answer any questions you may have.


Step 1: Fill out an application





Step 2 (Adults): Tell us your testimony


Adult Testimony





Parents, has your child expressed an interest in baptism? We know some kids may express interest in baptism before they're ready, so start by attending the next Kids Baptism Class. Parents and kids together will walk through what baptism is, and what it signifies. If your kid is ready to be baptized, fill out the online application after the Kids Baptism Class. We highly recommend working through the Kids Testimony form with your child before attending the Kids Baptism Class.


Step 1: Register for Kids Baptism Class


Kids Baptism Class



Step 2: Testimony


Kids Testimony


Step 3: Fill out an application